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There are many individuals and organizations that work with, and advocate on behalf of, our children.

Below – please find both school advocates as well educational institutions that have been recommended by various members of NAMI CCNS.

Please note that none of the names mentioned below are recommended or sanctioned by NAMI CCNS. They are all names that have been provided to us to help facilitate your searches and give you an easy place to start seeking help.

This page will continue to grow and expand as we receive more recommendations from people or organizations that  you have used and liked. Write us to let us know if you have someone or someplace to recommend!


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The Special Ed Advocacy Center (SEAC) provides free legal services to low-income parents and caregivers of children with disabilities seeking to obtain appropriate educational services for their children.

SEAC lawyers realize that every child as individual needs, and work to ensure that parents and caregivers are able to obtain free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment and a specialized educational program to meet the unique needs of their special education student.


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North Shore Academy

North Shore Academy is a a safe and supportive place for kids who need extra care to reach their highest potential.

Safe Haven School

Safe Haven School serves younger kids who need the extra compassion and guidance of expert therapeutic teachers.

NewHope Academy

NewHope Academy is based on the principle that bright children with emotional problems need a supportive, nurturing and academically challenging environment in which to heal and flourish. For Middle and High School Students.

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