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Advocacy Action – Tell Congress To Stop Playing Political Football With Mental Health!

Published by Courtney Hall

While Congress lets mental health reform legislation languish on the sidelines, millions of Americans struggle daily to get the mental health care they need. Congress should play like America’s team and champion bipartisan mental health reform (HR 2646 and S 1945) now.

How will mental health reform legislation help? Mental health reform will help people living with mental health conditions by:

  1. Improving the availability of quality mental health care
  2. Promoting early identification and intervention
  3. Reducing criminalization
  4. Enforcing insurance parity

Action Needed

Please tweet and email your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative and urge them to pass mental health reform (HR 2646 and S 1945) now.

Email Now! 

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Thank you for your advocacy! 

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