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How Massage Can Help Ground Your Anxiety

Anne Marie Schlekeway was a mentor, teacher and leader.  When you stepped into the room with her, you knew you were in the presence of greatness.  She maintained a work-life...

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Mental Health Opinion

Mental Health Movie Review | ‘Joker’ is no Joke!

'Joker' is opening with mixed reactions and austerity that could sway the most sane audiences into a frenzy.  It has received all types of audience warnings that are ringing in...

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Mental Health Opinion

Insomnia is Ruining My Life—What Can I Do?

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that can severely impact your mental and physical health. Some sufferers can't fall asleep, while others find they wake in the middle of the night...

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Mental Health

PTSD Diagnosis Through Blood Tests

Today, in the Wall Street journal, there are reports that a team of researchers from top medical schools are moving closer to developing a blood test that promises to quickly...

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3 Critical Fundamentals of Senior Mental Health

As we age, changes in physical health can affect our outlook on life and our ability to cope with problems. In fact, good mental health is known to decrease loneliness...

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childrens mental health

Was My Child’s Mental Health Affected by a Car Crash?

When the cars are towed and everyone is safe at home, it's easy to assume the negative impact of a car crash is over. However, it's usually just beginning, especially...

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NAMI national

Texas & Ohio Mass Shootings | Status Quo is Literally Killing Us

NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is deeply saddened by the tragic events that occurred over the weekend in Texas and Ohio. These mass shootings are far too common...

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Mental Health Tips

Do Breathing Techniques Really Help with Anxiety?

“Take a deep breath.” This is probably a phrase you’ve heard directed at someone who’s angry, overwhelmed, shocked, or, in laymen’s terms, “freaking out.” While it may come across as...

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New Study: NAMI Homefront Program Produces Major Benefits for Veterans

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Homefront program produces significant benefits for both in-person and online participants, according to a study published in Psychiatric Services, a journal of the American Psychiatric...

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NAMI National Convention Report | Mental Health Progress

The 2019 NAMI National Convention, June 19 -22 in Seattle, is in the book and it was "PHE NAMI NAL!" Why? There's too much to list! NAMI National Convention Highlights...

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3 South Asian Techniques That Can Improve Mental Health

People struggle with mental health and feel like they're powerless against their own minds. They may think that the only solution is to try to fake happiness and peace of...

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Illinois General Assembly | NAMI & Mental Health Wins

The Spring session of the Illinois General Assembly, which ended on June 2, was absolutely wonderful regarding mental health issues.  The legislators didn’t fix everything, but they passed a number...

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