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NAMI CCNS is a membership organization.

We thrive *only* with the help of our members. Our members support us in so many wonderful ways.

Your MEMBERSHIP & FINANCIAL SUPPORT are both vital to our success.


We need members in order to show our impact in the communities and to highlight our affiliate to NAMI National. Local cities, villages and townships all want to know of our reach into our service area. Membership is a way to show this. Further, our membership is a way for you to be a critical part of something special. NAMI CCNS is a life-changing organization for so many. You membership means you are a key part of this. As a member you vote annually on the board of directors and it’s officers. You are truly valuable to NAMI CCNS leadership in this way. Finally as a member you get benefits, materials and a much wider scope of news that enlightens you about key issues and events. Don’t miss out.

For more information on membership – please go directly to our Membership Page.

TO JOIN NAMI CCNS please go to Register and Join Nami and indicate our affiliate of NAMI CCNS in the information you provide.

Financial Support

To learn about Donations To Nami – which is our main source of support- please click on the link.


Please click on this link for Volunteer Opportunities or if you already know how you can help, please apply through our Volunteer Form and don’t ever hesitate to contact us at 847-716-2252 with questions.

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