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Mental Health Opinion

When Parents Report a Child to Avert a Shooting | Troubling behavior leads to difficult decision

SPENCER, Okla. -- Even on the day Alania Vasquez reported her 14-year-old son to police, the enormity of the decision hadn't fully hit her. She told an officer who came to her apartment that she believed her son would hurt people, likely at a school. He had a growing obsession with guns and violence, and she had discovered him watching videos of school shootings. He'd been in trouble for making threats at school and bringing in a pocketknife. A teacher had overheard him telling his classmates how to construct pipe bombs. He'd had an angry outburst earlier that day, which...

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Grief & Loss

Coping with Grief & Loss During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed so many aspects of our lives. We’re not just worried about higher-order needs now – the temporary loss of shared restaurant meals, professional sporting...

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Mental Health Stories

Brent Sopel | From Stanley Cup Champion to Rock Bottom

For over 25 years, Brent Sopel, former 2010 Stanley Cup Champion and Chicago Blackhawk defenseman, hid behind hockey.  It was a place he could be who he wanted to be without anyone knowing the pain that lay deep.  When the last puck was dropped on his NHL career, he was faced with a reality that he had refused to accept since early childhood.  What would happen next would be nothing short of a mountain to climb. Brent Sopel grew up in Vancouver, Canada, where playing hockey was his passion.  Reading, writing, and arithmetic was something that seemed to haunt him.  He was...

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Mental Health

How to Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects over 40.8 million Americans each year. While most of those cases are mild, about 6 percent of all people with SAD have symptoms severe enough...

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Advocacy Alert

Mental Health and Addiction Parity Month | State of Illinois Mental Health Proclamation

Since the inception of health care, mental illness has always been denied by insurance companies.  That is changing fast as mental health parity laws have been the conversation among the...

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NAMI Newsline Fall 2018

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What does Mental Health have to do with Faith?

Good Mental Health is important, but what does faith have to do with it? Alot! All of us go through life experiences that challenge our mental health, but mental illnesses...

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Celebrity Mental Health

David Spade Steps Up in Major Way

David Spade is honoring his sister-in-law and designer Kate Spade after her suicide at the age of 55. PEOPLE exclusively confirms the actor and comedian, 53, has made a $100,000...

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Top 5 Schizophrenia Myths

There are many myths about people with schizophrenia.  Our Top 5 Schizophrenia Myths sheds light on a mental health subject we all need to be aware of! #1 - People...

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NAMI national

NAMI’s Response to President Trump’s Recent Comments On Mental Health Care

In recent days, there has been a lot of rhetoric by the President and the NRA about "crazy people" and a desire to return to the days of the "institutions."...

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Celebrity Mental Health

Michael Phelps | Contemplated Suicide Through Depression

Former Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps was at the height of success, but revealed that he, through the lows, has battled depression and thoughts of suicide. Per Susan Scutti of,...

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I Jumped Off of The Golden Gate Bridge

Since 1937, two thousand people have died by jumping off of the Golden Gate Bridge.  This is one man's story of suicide and the regrets he had after his attempt....

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