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Kate Spade Suicide | A Note to Loved Ones

Published by Courtney Hall

Kate Spade was a fashion inspiration around the world.  It was the story of a fashion fairly tale with a love for work and family.  Seemingly she had it all together.  Despite Kate Spade’s net worth of nearly $200 million dollars, according to Celebrity Net Worth, she had fallen into a deep depression and ended her own life by committing suicide at the age of 55.

Pressures of Life

To often we are all at the hands of what we think is real.  The pressures of life, work and family are all nicely pressed together into a tight space of 24 hours.  We become what we are not and we are not what we have thought we have become.  It’s difficult to wrap your mind around it, but it’s true.  We never are who we think we are and we never will be.  So, how do we force ourselves into a box that can only be breached by the thought of death?

It doesn’t need to be.  I look at my beautiful Bloodhound dog, Charlotte, and often wonder, “what is this dog thinking of?  Just look at that face!  Is she sad? Does she know that my boss is a stressing me out?”  No, Charlotte could give two craps about how my day went or the issues of my life.  They are insignificant to her.  We create our own significance to every interaction in our lives.  We don’t really know the issues that were facing Kate Spade or Anthony Bourdain, but to most people, they probably would have been insignificant.

So, why do we make these “problems” so significant?  They are not.  It’s not significant whatsoever!  Only I place any significance on my perceived difficulties of my day.  But, it’s time that I let that go.  So too, should you.  No matter how tough it gets, we are truly blessed.  I don’t know where you are going when this is all over, but it’s truly a blessing to live and be able to give love.  This life, this world never was about what we get, for it’s only when we give without the need to receive that we actually feel love.  Being in the public’s eye as Kate Spade was, I’m sure, gave her an overwhelming sense of need to please.  The only need we must fulfill is to remember each and every blessing!

Pleasing People vs. Giving Love

There is a true difference between pleasing and giving.  Giving needs no assurance of a return.  Giving needs not to be loved in return.  Pleasing only desires the fulfillment of self.  It’s in this place that despair seeps into the pores of the human psyche.  I recently was introduced to Drake’s new video, “God’s Plan” by my children.  It quickly alerted me to how brazen the world can be!  Although the rapper, Drake, gives away money to people on the street with a fanfare of hugs, a true gift is given only in love and need not to be seen in the light.  Drake was giving money away, in his video, in a poor attempt to sway public opinion of himself.

Suicide is Not the Answer

If you or a loved one is thinking about suicide, one thing needs to be remembered.  Suicide is the ultimate form of selfishness in that we steal away the ability for others to love you.  Instead, today is the day to stand up and declare that only love can win over this life.  That we will never squander an opportunity to give love to others without the need to be seen doing so.  This week ended all of this opportunity for Kate Spade.  Her daughter will never have the guiding words of her mother again.  She will never have a first dance with her mother.

I was once that guy that thought that my birthday was petty and insignificant, just another day.  I realized that it was a lie I had told myself as I devalued my self and worth to the people around me.  In reality I had stolen away the opportunity to allow other people a day to show love, not to me, but to another person in their life they loved.  True love and bond is only created in the instance someone gives love away freely.  Kate Spade’s daughter will now live without the one person she loved the most.  Why?  Kate Spade will be remember as a candle blown out all to early like many other celebrities who have committed suicide before her.

Kate Spade Remembered

Suicide & Mental Health Support Groups

If you are feeling depressed and have had thoughts of suicide, I have too.  Most everyone has.  Everyone gets in a rut.  But it’s only love that gets us out.  If you are dealing with a mental health issue, it’s time to stand up.  If you would like to take that first step and join us in the Chicagoland area in one of our mental health support groups, we would love to walk with you in the road to recovery!  Suicide is never a good option!

National Suicide Hotline: Call 1-800-273-8255  | Available 24 hours everyday

Remember, there’s always a blessing in every storm!

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