Basics for Parents (of Children & Adolescents) Class

Do You Have a Child with Emotional or Behavioral Difficulties?

NAMI Basics for Parents Class provides Education and Support for You, Your Family, and Your Child

FREE, six-week online-only course offered for parents or family caregivers of school-age children and adolescents with mental health issues.  Classes include:

  • Understanding the illnesses that are causing the behavioral difficulties
  • The biology of mental illness; getting an accurate diagnosis—, anxiety disorders, depression, ADD, ODD, OCD, childhood bipolar disorder, and others
  • Tools for the toolbox – communication skills, problem-solving, crisis preparation, handling challenging behaviors, and the impact on family members
  • Record keeping and dealing with the systems your child is involved in school, mental health, and juvenile justice
  • Taught by trained teachers who are also the parents of children with emotional or behavioral difficulties

For more information on upcoming classes, please give us a call or visit our class schedule.

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