Parents (of Children & Adolescents) Support Groups

NAMI Support Groupfor Parents of Children& Adolescents

PARENTS!  Do you have children who suffer from

  • school phobia
  • ADHD
  • sleep disturbances
  • difficulties making and keeping friends and holding it together at school,  falling apart at home
  • smoking and drugs
  • rages, depression, anxiety, eating difficulties?

Please join us at Support Groups for parents of children and adolescents (preschool through high school) with similar issues


Free and Open to All Caregivers. Confidential. No Registration is necessary.
For information call (847) 716-2252

NAMI Trained Facilitator Sherry Murrens provides a safe place for parents to discuss the challenges of parenting these special kids.

Times and locations are subject to change. Please check our website or call us at 847-716-2252.

Presented by NAMI Cook County North Suburban
8324 Skokie Boulevard ● Skokie, IL 60077 ● Office: 847-716-2252 ●

NAMI CCNS, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Cook County North Suburban, is a local affiliate of NAMI, the Nation’s Voice on Mental Ilness.


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