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Tips for Helping You Choose a Mental Health Treatment Center

Published by Courtney Hall

Selecting the right mental health treatment center or facility is a major life decision. Deciding to physically go in and spend precious time and leave your life behind to improve your overall well-being is huge. Even if it’s a few hours a week with a therapy group, it’s still a commitment, and you want to be making the most of it. Here are tips to help in your decision-making process.

Research Reviews

In the past, you could only learn about a facility by what it said about itself, which can be misleading, or if you happened to know someone who went there. Nowadays, the majority of patients search online reviews first when choosing where to receive care. This way, they can ensure that a place consists of the focus and atmosphere that fits their current needs.

Reviews tend to be more honest, and they’re everywhere online. Some websites basically function as Yelp for mental health facilities. Plus, there are Google and Facebook reviews and so much more. Simply type in “reviews of [facility you’re considering],” and endless information from former patients or relatives of patients will pop up.

Look at What They Specialize In

It’s important to keep the facility’s specializations in mind. If it’s focused on depression and anxiety, and you have a gambling addiction, you aren’t going to receive the best therapy you could get. For psychotherapy or to learn mental conditioning, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, look for specifically licensed practitioners within the facility itself.

Are you looking for acute services or something lower key that fits into daily life? If you need to not be alone, and you know it, that’s important! If you are feeling OK and just trying to avoid falling back into depression, outpatient might be right for you.

Look at Their Overall Structure and Programs

Keep your personality and needs in mind. If you can’t currently handle a roommate, don’t choose a live-in facility with three beds to a room. Many emergency wards and addiction centers have highly structured days where you’re expected to attend all groups. This can be stressful for severe anxiety. Know what the program looks like, and check to see if you’re allowed to make phone calls or have visitors or what happens if you skip multiple sessions of an outpatient group.

It’s easy to go with whatever facility your insurance or doctor recommends, but it doesn’t mean it’s the best place for you. Taking your mental health into your own hands and doing your research is vital for an ideal mental state.

Support groups can make a world of difference. See our list of great online mental health support groups here.

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